Stierli de Abreu

Poetry Design
A visual interpretation of Emily Dickinson's poem, Because I Could Not Stop for Death, in three mediums: print, web, and video.

For the poster I focused on the metaphor of the setting sun as an allegory for death and utilised gradients to alter legibility  and embody the transitional nature of both life and death that Dickinson alludes to in her poem.

For the website I wanted to highlight the fleeting nature of life and represent that it must be looked at with intention in order to be understood and so set up an infinite scroll of the poem that must be intentionally paused in order to be read.

The video is composed of several snapshots of different journeys in order to allude to the larger journey that is life instead of a specific journey from A to B. It presents itself from the same point of view as the poem, as someone looking back on their life as they enter death, deconstructing their memories in order to take them with them in their passing.

All the footage in this video  is from my personal archive